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Remaining Lifelines

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The ____ Knight?

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Did you know?

Silent Hill’s Location is Based On a Real Place

It’s called Centralia, Pennsylvania. Once upon a time, the town was a booming mining town of over a 3000 people. But by 2015, that number had reached five. Why? Well, in 1962, a coal mine fire was set that never stopped burning. By 2002, despite the few people still living there, the postal code was discontinued, and the whole town was set to eminent domain.

But before that, some spooky stuff went on. Alexander Rae, the town's founder, was murdered in his buggy by members of the Molly Maguires in 1868. Ten years later, three men were hanged for his murder. But for ten years, they roamed the area, tormenting the residents, and murdering more.

The reason for all of this is often thought to be due to a curse that Father Daniel Ignatius McDermott, the first Roman Catholic priest to call Centralia home, cast on the land after a run in with the Molly Maguires. He said that one day the St. Ignatius Roman Catholic Church would be the only structure remaining in Centralia. Believe it or not, over the next few decades, houses began to crumble, and fires were set. But none like the 1963 mining fire that caused hundreds to relocate due to the toxic chemicals rising in the area.

Today, people refuse to go near the ghost town that has such a dark past; they can feel the horrors of the criminal activity and disasters that went on there so long ago.

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