Can You Complete These 1970s Movie Titles?


The 70s, where you wanted to make love, not war. Where you wore what you wanted and gave freely. This decade hosted so many classic things that were out-of-this-world popular, including pet rocks, Atari, 8-tracks, Charlie's Angels, mood rings, and so much more! And let's not forget all those movies. This was the era where Disney really picked up, and horror movies actually became gruesome. How's your movie marquee recall? Can you finish these movie titles with nothing more than a screenshot of the show itself? Give our quiz a try!


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Did you know?

HBO Was The First Cable Network

The arrival of satellite television jeopardized so many industries. Theaters thought that no one would want to go out anymore if they could watch movies at home. Local vendors believed that no one would use their resources for weather and news. None of this happened, of course, but the fear was real.

One of the earliest subscription-based cable networks was The Green Channel, which became HBO (Home Box Office). Their first commercial-free airing was of Sometimes a Great Notion (1970). The company felt so good about what they were doing that they signed a six-year, $7.5 million contract. They broadcasted the Ali vs. Frazier boxing match ("Thrilla in Manila") in October 1975 for the entire world to see. Because of this, HBO is known as “the first successful, satellite-delivered pay-cable service in the U.S.”

Soon after, other companies began to follow in the big man’s footsteps. A few of the following channels were Viacom’s Showtime (1976), Warner Amex’s The Movie Channel (1979), Time/HBO’s Cinemax (1980), the Disney Channel (1983) and AMC (1984).

Cable also introduced the freedom to use adult content and language via paid networking. Although it was intensely controversial, it was generally looked at as another step towards ultimate freedom.

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