Can You Ace This 1960s Cars Challenge?


The 60s was the decade when everything changed. It saw revolutions in social awareness, fashion, music, and even automobiles. This was the decade that saw the introduction of the muscle car, the proliferation of high-performance luxury sedans, and the popularity of quirky oddities like the VW bug. The classic cars of the 60s are so legendary that many of them are still on the road today, lovingly maintained by their original owners for decades. So you think you know a little something about the cars of this era, do you? Let's find out. Maybe you'll learn something about 60s classic cars, and even have a little fun while you do.

Did you know?

Why did cars from the 60s look so sleek?

One of the most distinctive things about the design of classic 60s cars is that they tended to look incredibly sleek, like they just rolled off the racetrack, or out of a Bond film. Well, that actually comes from the incredible popularity of racing as a sport in the 60s. Both stock car racing and drag racing were having something of a heyday back then, and many car buyers of the time had fantasies of being racecar drivers. So auto designers took heed and made cars that looked like they were designed for racing. This is also where the whole muscle car fad came from. Buyers also wanted cars that performed like racecars, so manufacturers started cramming enormous engines into lightweight, small- to mid-sized bodies, resulting in overpowered vehicles that could go from 0 to 60 in nothing flat but burned through gas like it was going out of style.

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