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Ever hear of Florence Foster Jenkins?

Sure, let's dive into the wild and wacky world of Florence Foster Jenkins, or as she was known when she popped into the world on July 19, 1868, Narcissa Florence Foster. Now, Florence was no ordinary gal. She was a socialite, an amateur soprano, and a lover of all things extravagant, especially when it came to her performance costumes. But here's the kicker—she couldn't sing a note to save her life. Yet, she was the talk of the town in New York City during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. Even big names like Cole Porter and Enrico Caruso were fans.

Florence was a Pennsylvania girl born into a family with a hefty bank account. She was a music lover from the get-go, performing at fancy society functions and even belting out a tune or two at the White House during Rutherford B. Hayes's time. But her dreams of studying music in Europe were squashed when her father refused to foot the bill.

At just 15, she married a doctor named Francis Thornton Jenkins, who was a good 16 years older than her. But the marriage was a bust, especially after she caught syphilis from him. She ditched the guy but kept his last name.

After an injury put a stop to her piano playing, she moved to New York City with her mom around 1900. There, she met a British actor named St. Clair Bayfield, who became her manager. When her father kicked the bucket, she got a nice chunk of change and decided to give her singing career another shot.

From 1912, Jenkins started giving private vocal recitals and even founded her own social club, the Verdi Club, in 1917. Her singing was, well, let's just say it was unique. But the New York City society folks loved her. She was a hit, especially when she showed up in her self-designed costumes.

At 76, she finally gave in to her fans and booked a gig at Carnegie Hall on October 25, 1944. The place was packed, with celebrities in the crowd. But the next day, the newspapers tore her performance to shreds. It hit her hard. She had a heart attack five days later and passed away a month after that.

But Florence Foster Jenkins's story didn't end there. Her life has been turned into stage shows and movies, including a 2016 film (aptly titled Florence Foster Jenkins) with Meryl Streep playing her. So, despite her questionable singing skills, Florence's love for the stage and her never-give-up attitude have made her a legend in the music world.

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Did you know?

Who is the world’s top-performing artist?

According to recent stats, the world's top-performing artist is none other than country crooner Garth Brooks. You can't argue with science. Stats from various sources reveal that Brooks has sold a record-breaking 157 million units spanning some seven decades, which is only surpassed by The Beatles' 183 million units.

Artists like Britney Spiers, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson are right up there, but no one comes close to Garth Brooks! Born in 1962 in Oklahoma, Garth began by playing in local bars and quickly became a country star legend in Nashville. After releasing his hit song "If Tomorrow Never Comes" in 1989, he rose to fame when it reached number one on the billboards.

Garth Brooks really put country music on the map by making it more mainstream. Since his signature song in 1989, Garth just hasn't stopped producing music. It doesn't matter which decade you're from; lyrics from songs like "Friends in Low Places" can really hit you hard.

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