Can We Guess Your Education Level Based On The Books You've Read?


Whether you’re a high school graduate or hold a PhD, a significant part of your education is based on reading. What you’ve read over the course of your life may become apparent based on the questions in this quiz. Do you think, based on your answers, that we will be able to accurately judge your education level? Give it a try now and prove us wrong.

Did you know?

The most expensive book ever sold was purchased for $30 million

The book was an old unpublished manuscript that belonged to Leonardo Da Vinci. It sold in 1994 to a man known as William H. Gates, formerly an anonymous buyer.

The name may sound familiar, but something isn't quite right. That's because he is now known as Bill Gates. At the time, he asked to remain anonymous, but Microsoft eventually announced that he was indeed the buyer of this $30 million book of 300 illustrations and scientific writings.

But why? Well, he ended up sharing the Codex with museums, but eventually kept it for private use as his most prized possession. It is now known as the Codex Hammer and was likely written in the first decade of the 16th century.

It has so many speculations and theories that any fan of Leonardo, science, or conspiracies would want it. One question it asks is "Why the sky is blue?" Along with that, it has accurate predictions of the submarine and the steam engine. Since Da Vinci loved tricks and games, he wrote some of the words backward so you would have to read it in front of a mirror. This would let only the brightest of people in on his theories. People like Bill Gates, the richest man in the world.

Pretty expensive book for a guy whose favorite band is Weezer. The second most expensive book in the world sold for just $11 million and was purchased by the entire German government. What was it? The Gospels of Henry the Lion, Order of Saint Benedict.

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