Can You Recognize These British Icons?

Fancy yourself a culture junky? Ready to test your wits when it comes to our neighbors across the pond? Sit back, have a spot of tea, and see if you are up on your Anglophile culture by testing yourself on these British icons.

Did you know?

The Queen of the UK owns of one-sixth of the Earth's land

That's right. While the Queen doesn't personally "own" so much land, she is Queen of 32 countries and head of a Commonwealth of 54 countries. However, it is said that she does hold a trust over 6.6 billion acres of land, which is one-sixth of the earth's land surface. This property holds over 25% of the world's population.

This is probably the reason while she's the only person in Britain who travels out of the country without a passport. She's been to over 110 countries and has never had to prove her own identity. That's why she doesn't have a license either. But hey, even horses, donkeys, and mules need passports in Britain. No joke! It's called a Horse Passport, and no horse can leave the country without one. The reason the queen doesn't have one is that she issues them all. Now it wouldn't make sense if she issued one for herself. That's like a doctor issuing themselves a prescription.

However, Queen Elizabeth II has been living without an identity since 1926. Her age is admiral and makes her the longest reigning queen in history. Charles has been in line for the throne for over 50 years now, and it isn't unlike that the throne will skip him and go straight to William. The BBC holds regular rehearsals for the queen's funeral and the announcement of her death, so they will be prepared when the situation arises. She knows her age is a big feat, so she personally sends out birthday cards to anyone in the UK who reached age 100. Pretty cool, right?

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