Can You Finish these Song Lyrics From 1992?


Let’s take a break from the present-day music scene and travel to a much funkier time, about 25 years ago. Many music experts and critics cite 1992 as perhaps the best year in music ever, despite the diversity we have today. This is mostly because all the genres we have today were mostly in their infancy and you could see a creative boom like never before. It was a smooth transition between the mad eighties and the futuristic 2000s.

Now, we know you probably know at least some of these anthems, but how well do you know them? Some of these R&B, rock and hip-hop anthems have etched themselves into our minds forever. That’s why we’ve taken upon ourselves to make your day more fun and put your knowledge of song lyrics from 1992 to the ultimate test! You’ll both me shocked and surprised by the size of your knowledge, so waste no time. Good luck and have fun!


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