Build Your Dream Office And We'll Tell You What Job You Should Quit Your Current Job For


Ok so currently you work in a cubicle that has no window and a chair that is giving you back problems. Also your boss is a nightmare and you live for Fridays and the weekend. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Take this quiz and get ready to put in for your two week notice! Build your dream office and we’ll tell you what job you should quit your current job for.

Did you know?

Monday is the Most Common Sick Day

Across the board, in almost every country, aside from Australia, the most common day to take off work is Monday whereas the least common is Friday. In Australia, everyone wants off Tuesday. But even there, Friday is the happiest day at work. There is a significant difference in the amount of chit chat that goes on Friday compared to other days. About 90% of people working will tell you that there is a much more positive vibe on Friday as opposed to Monday.

Hey, after working hard all week, people get tired. But did you know the Netherlands has a 29hr full-time work week as opposed to the typical 40hr? Those extra 11hrs are calling! After all, statistics show that working in the office is more dangerous than working an active job. Why? Well, they are twice as susceptible to heart disease. Gaining an average of 14 pounds every year spent in an office. Not to mention 3 out of 4 office workers have eye problems due to staring at computer screens.

But even when it comes to short-term use, there are five times more germs on the average keyboard than in the public restroom. No wonder we need all those sick days on Monday! Because of these sick day, employers lose over $200 billion a year. But that's nothing compared to the $300 billion lost due to stress-related mistakes and such. This can be due to a lot of things, but one of the number one reasons is that almost half of all office workers report abuse from higher-ups. This abuse can lead to stress or even a mental breakdown, leading to therapy. Remember these scary office statistics the next time someone says their job is dangerous!

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