Beer Buff? Do You Have the Hops to Claim That Title?

Researchers believe beer is one of the oldest drinks ever created by humans. And ever since that first thirst-quenching beverage was consumed, it's played an important role in human history. Beer was incorporated in early writings and ceremonies. It was produced and traded around the world. The ancient Nubians are even believed to have used beer as a type of antibiotic. That's not to say everything related to beer was a positive. It's been associated with many social ills, and starting in the 1800s, its legality became a political battle in the United States. It was outlawed for about a decade in the 1920s in what is known as the Prohibition Era. But even though it was illegal, enough Americans were willing to break the law by going to underground bars to get their beer fix. But how well do you know your beer trivia? Saddle up to the bar, pour yourself a pint and take this quiz. Bottoms up!

Did you know?

Why are IPAs so hoppy?

For most beer drinkers, there is no middle ground with IPAs. You either love their hoppy flavors, or you think the best way to serve them is to uncap the bottle and pour it down the drain. But there's a reason why IPAs are filled with hops. British colonists in India in the 1700s loved their English ales. But shipping a keg of beer from England to India took around five months, and by then, most beers sitting in wooden kegs on hot ships would spoil. Brewers discovered that if they wanted their beers to survive that long voyage, they need to add more hops to their beverages. One of the beneficial side effects of this development was that increasing the amount of hops in a beer also increased its flavor and alcohol content. Today IPAs are a staple of the craft beer movement and can be enjoyed in bars worldwide.

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