Based on Your Personality, Will You Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution This Time (or Ever)?

Happy New Year! Did you make a resolution?  It is finally 2021. We could go on and on about all the crap that happened in 2020, but let’s not and say we did, okay? In fact, let’s say good riddance to all of the haters and leave the negativity in the past. It’s your year and time to shine. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Whether you want to lose a few pounds or desire to quit smoking, you should set goals and go for them. However, is it really in you to change your old ways? Maybe instead of kicking bad habits to the curb, you want to take on a better outlook on life. You could travel more, finish a book, or start a dance class. At your age though, do you think you can start fresh? Take this quiz to find out if you have the personality it takes to actually keep your New Year’s resolution this year. Good luck!

Did you know?

The first resolutions...

New Year’s resolutions date as far back as 4,000 years ago when the ancient Babylonians celebrated Akitu. The religious festival took place mid-March when the crops were planted rather than at the beginning of January. Not only was a new king crowned, but the Babylonians made promises to gods, returned borrowed items to neighbors, and paid back any other debts.

Julius Caesar also celebrated the concept of annual resolutions in Rome. In 46 B.C. the notorious emperor changed the calendar to include January, which was named for the two-faced god Janus. The ancient Romans believed he could not only look back to reflect the previous year, but Janus could also see ahead into the future. Sacrifices and promises of good intentions were paid to the god to have a prosperous year.

Despite having religious roots, people with even minimal spiritual beliefs still enjoy making New Year’s resolutions. Most of the time, people try to improve their lives through dropping bad habits or picking up better ones. People try to lose weight by eating healthier or working out regularly. Another popular New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking. Good luck to you and your resolutions!

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