Are Your Spending Habits a Shopping Addiction?

Even the most frugal people admit that receiving presents on birthdays and Christmas is one of life's few pleasures. Humans love stuff. And in a world of cheap labor and fast money, there's more stuff than ever before, sparking headlines about the "quiet luxury" of billionaires and the conspicuous consumption of social media. So, how much demand are you creating as an individual, and are your shopping habits healthy? That's what we're here to find out today. Because there's a huge difference between casually calling yourself a shopaholic and being someone with oniomania. We're talking about compulsive buying disorder, CBD, but clearly not the mellow kind. A full-blown shopping addiction comes with all the terminology you'd associate with the opioid epidemic—tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, and relapse, and requires treatment. This quiz is not a professional diagnostic test, but it will parse the peeps who act like every day is Black Friday from folks who know when to stop. It's a judgment-free zone that could help you learn a little more about yourself, so let's get into it.

History lesson

What's the deal with Black Friday?

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is often seen as the grand opening of the holiday shopping season, but it's so much more. Like a name that offers a glimpse into a person's identity, Black Friday serves as a complex tapestry of history, culture, and consumerism. Its origins didn't start with shopping; the term was initially used to describe various events of economic or social turmoil. Over time, it transformed from a word of caution to a symbol of abundance and consumerism, akin to a family recipe that has been modernized but still retains its original essence. While it has become a day that can make or break a retailer's annual revenue, it also has a reputation for chaos and even danger. The allure of Black Friday deals taps into deeper psychological triggers, creating a sense of urgency that can drive people to stand in lines for hours, much like a captivating book that you can't put down.

Just as names can evoke different emotions, Black Friday can elicit excitement or dread, depending on your perspective. It's the cocktail party of the retail world—some people can't wait to dive in, while others would rather stay home. This day has become a cultural phenomenon, shaping how we approach the holiday season and even how we view ourselves as consumers. The limited-time offers and doorbusters create a compelling atmosphere, making Black Friday a day that either blends in like a classic vanilla ice cream or stands out like an exotic sorbet in the realm of retail holidays.

However, just like names can evolve over time, so too has Black Friday. With the rise of online shopping and global participation, it's no longer just an American tradition but a global event. The concept has stretched to encompass days or even weeks, much like a name that gains nicknames and variations over a lifetime. As we move forward, Black Friday will continue to evolve. Will it become a more digital event, reflecting our increasingly online lives? Or will it return to its roots, focusing on in-store experiences? Like a name that can be redefined, Black Friday is not static; it's a living, breathing entity that will continue to change, offering a fresh experience for shoppers each season. As you prepare for this year's Black Friday, consider what the day means to you. It's a part of our collective story, as intricate and evolving as the names we carry.

Did you know?

What are the different types of shopping addictions?

You might think of a shopping addiction as chronic overspending and buying stuff well beyond the point of need and want. But there's more than one type, with subtle differences. They're all disruptive to daily life and can be diagnosed as behavioral disorders with screening tools such as the Bergen Shopping Addiction Scale (BSAS). Do you fall into the collector category? This group of people tend to buy multiples of the same product but in different shades, or they're unreasonably preoccupied with finding items that complete a set. Perhaps you're a trophy shopaholic motivated by finding the perfect products, or you want to cultivate the image of a big spender draped in designer labels. Maybe you're a bargain hunter who constantly wastes money buying stuff you don't require because it's on promotion. There's also the binge shopper who gets caught in a flurry of buying and follows up with a frenzy of returning, which sounds exhausting.

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