Are You the Impostor? Find Out How Sus You Are


Innersloth's Among Us is a mega-popular indie game that takes a crew of space travelers, secretly designates at least one of them as the impostor, and pits the impostor and the crewmates against each other. Impostors do their best to wreak havoc on the crew, as they try to survive and figure out who the impostor is. So what about you? Are you looking pretty sus, or do you check out? Are you taking a long time on tasks because you are the impostor or because you are new to the game and just haven't figured out how it works yet? Well, let's find out. It's time for an emergency meeting, and I am afraid you will have to answer some questions before you can be cleared. Let's see just how likely it is that you are the impostor based on your personality type.

Did you know?

Among Us bears a strong resemblance to John Carpenter's sci-fi horror film "The Thing"

The main underlying theme to the gameplay of Among Us is that since impostors look identical to crewmates, it is impossible to truly trust anybody. This bears a resemblance to John Carpenter's iconic sci-fi horror film The Thing, released in 1982. The movie is about a group of researchers who encounter an alien parasite capable of assimilating other life forms and imitating their physical appearance. Much like in Among Us, the main source of tension in Carpenter's film is the terrifying idea that someone you firmly identify as your ally could turn on you — and that it would be impossible to know they were the enemy until they did something horrific.

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