Are you Ready to be a Hero with CPR?


Could you be a real life hero and save someone using CPR? There's a lot that you need to know about this lifesaving skill that many people get certified in. So before you jump in to be Superman or Wonder Woman, take this quiz to see if you actually know what you are doing. And remember, you can take CPR certification classes through local organizations like the Red Cross. And we suggest you do that.


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Did you know?

But did you know, that before the inception of modern day CPR several techniques were used to keep people alive? And some of them were bizarre.

One method was more like a recipe for grilling chicken than saving a life. It included creating a mixture of vinegar and wine and rubbing it on the mixture and rubbing it on the victim with a rough cloth to create friction. Another required the victim to be beaten with whips or sticks. And instead of the modern day practice of using rescue breaths, people would light up their pipe and blow the smoke directly into the victim's mouth or nostrils. If you think most of this sounds like more torture to the victim, who is already suffering and in peril, you're right. Another crazy life-saving procedure was to tickle the victim's throat with a feather. But possibly the most insane and worst ways that people thought they were saving a life was to throw the victim over the back of a horse slap the horse's rump and send the victim of to bounce on the galloping horse.

It is clear that you should feel very grateful that you are living in modern times, where if you are unfortunate enough to suffer cardiac arrest, you will at least be given less painful and more effective treatment in those crucial moments before medical professionals arrive.

You can get easily become certified in CPR through many local organizations. And you definitely should consider doing so, because you never know when you could be in a situation where you might need it and could save a life. You know, without going into a panic or beating or tickling the victim.

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