Unveiling Your Melodic Aura: OkOkOk or LaLaLa?


Have you hopped on the TikTok LaLaLa and OkOkOk trend yet? According to the app's users, there's a whole lot you can tell about someone's personality depending on how they sing the outro to Tyler the Creator's song "See You Again," featuring Colombian-American artist Kali Uchis. In the outro, Tyler the Creator can be heard repeating the word okay at a steady clip, and Kali Uchis is singing la la la simultaneously. It's humanly impossible to sing both parts of the song at the same time, so if you somehow always end up saying the "okay" part, you supposedly have an introverted disposition. Those who start swaying and crooning the sweeter-sounding la la la part are the opposites—they're extroverts. It gets a little more nuanced. To see which category you fall into, we've taken the liberty of creating this highly accurate and rigorously tested quiz (we joke, there was no science involved). Go ahead and try it out!

History Lesson

"See You Again" is a song by American rapper Tyler, the Creator.

The track was released on July 5, 2017, as a single from Tyler's fourth studio album, "Flower Boy." The song features guest vocals from singer Kali Uchis and was produced by Tyler, the Creator himself.

The lyrics of "See You Again" revolve around Tyler's reflections on a past relationship and his longing to reunite with his former partner. The song's themes of nostalgia and loss resonate with many listeners and have made it a popular track among Tyler's fans.

"See You Again" received critical acclaim for its emotional depth and production quality, with many reviewers praising Tyler's growth as an artist. The song also became a commercial success, reaching number 31 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Despite its popularity, "See You Again" has also faced controversy. Some critics have accused Tyler of promoting toxic masculinity and homophobia in his music, and the song's use of homophobic slurs has been a point of criticism for some listeners.

Regardless of its controversies, "See You Again" remains a significant track in Tyler, the Creator's discography, showcasing his ability to blend personal reflection with his signature style of production.

Did you know?

Who is Tyler the Creator, really?

Tyler, the Creator has been described as a lovable weirdo. The first hint is his unusual God-like stage name which sets him apart from fellow musicians. Tyler Okonma is indeed a creative multi-hyphenate. He's a producer, a director, a visual artist, a designer, an MC, a comic, and a vocalist. As a rapper and performer, his early work's unapologetic tone brought him as many fans as critics. Later, more toned-down projects revealed an introverted, less confrontational young man. It's hard to put Tyler, the Creator into a neat box. His Golf Wang fashion line has sold pastel-hued geriatric-style clothing to teens, and his music points to a fluid sexuality. Tyler takes pleasure in the offbeat and eccentric and makes art without reservation. His self-deprecating humor and the numerous personalities on his albums, from laidback and energetic to quirky and aggressive, suggest that he, and likely his fans, are walking paradoxes.

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