Find Your Perfect Pet Preference: Are You Meow or Woof?


Whether you point out every dog walking happily down the street or barely notice if a stray cat walks by, you probably know that pets can bring more profound meaning and joy to even the busiest and most stressful lives. If you've owned a pet, you know they're a lot of responsibility, but also give affection right back to their owners. If you're thinking of getting a pet, you're on the right track. Pets bring out the best in us and bring out the sides of our personalities that we might not even be aware of. Deep down, are you more of a cat or a dog person, and what does that mean for you? Take this quiz and discover whether your life will be completed by a furry companion and what that says about your personality! Be warned: there are a lot of really cute critters ahead.

Did you know?

When did cats become pets?

From what we can tell through the archeological, fossil records, and local stories, cats were probably domesticated around 10,000 BCE, around the beginning of the agricultural revolution in Mesopotamia's Fertile Crescent. Cats were a valuable addition to early farming communities, as they would hunt and eat rats and mice that would try to break into farmers' grain storage. However, unlike dogs, which have been bred for desirable traits and barely resemble their wild ancestors, modern domestic cats aren't a result of careful breeding and selection. While humans have long enjoyed having a cat around, it's unlikely that we actually tried to get cats to hang out and guard the granary; instead, cats saw an opportunity for easy hunting, and humans took advantage of cats' willingness to be around us. In other words, you could say that cats first domesticated humans about 12,000 years ago!

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