Exploring Your Social Preferences: Find Out If You're an Introvert or Extrovert!


The introvert-extrovert divide is where a lot of people find difficulty in connecting with the right relationship, career, and social environment. Many people think this personality trait boils down to how outgoing a person is, but it's actually more about the other side of the coin: how a person recharges their batteries. Many people get energized by parties, concerts, interactive meetings, and one-on-one communication. There are plenty of others, though, who run out of energy if they stay in these types of environments for too long. Their batteries get reloaded or topped-off by taking a bit of a timeout alone or in public but not connected, such on a park bench. Extroverts gather their energy externally, and introverts find their source is internal. Simple enough, and very helpful to know as you manage your schedule and live your daily life. Knowing where you fall on the spectrum from introvert to extrovert can help you choose jobs, relationships, hobbies, and activities.

Did you know?

Ambivert isn't a Mix, it's a Strength in Itself

You probably wouldn't pick an introvert to sell your company's product in most cases, but would an extrovert be the logical choice? Maybe not. Researchers have found that ambiverts, those who have a balance of introvert and extrovert attributes, have a big advantage in sales jobs. A study by Adam Grant showed that ambiverts closed 24% more sales than introverts or extroverts. Since the general assumption has been that an extrovert personality is the perfect sales fit, this information might make companies think about who they are using to move their products. Experts theorize that ambiverts can engage the customer but aren't hooked on connection to keep their energy level, so they can use a more dynamic strategy — knowing when to engage and when to step back — to pace the sales process. This kind of balance could also be useful in situations such as dating: someone who actively connects and then steps back from time to time might get a lot more second dates and long-term possibilities than someone whose personality gives the other person less room to vary in how they relate.

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