Are You Headed for Heaven or Hell?


Am I headed for heaven or hell? That's a question humans have asked themselves since the concept of the afterlife was first conceived. For those walking a righteous path, an eternity of happiness is the reward after death. But woe to those who travel the wicked road. They're doomed to be cast into the fires of hades. And to Christians' there's also purgatory, which is essentially the waiting room to heaven. If your soul wasn't quite ready to sing among angels but not evil enough for hell, this was the place you went to after death until you were deemed worthy enough to enter the Pearly Gates. So, where are you destined to go when you kick the bucket? Try to answer as honestly as possible to see if you'll end up floating on clouds with the angels or soaking in a lava bath while demons poke you with a pitchfork

Did you know?

How do other faiths depict hell?

In Western cultures, hell is portrayed as a fiery underworld ruled over by a menacing red demon with horns and a pitchfork. But not every culture views hell the same way. In Swahili mythology, hell is seen as a frigid place. In parts of Asia, hell is an uncomfortably wet place. Hell was located in a dark and dreary cave found deep within the earth in ancient Mesopotamia. In Ancient Greece, the afterlife was known as Hades, and visitors had to cross the river Styx to get there. Seventh-day Adventists believe the dead lie in the earth until they are raised for final judgment. The Jehovah's Witnesses say a soul stops existing when the body dies, making hell a state of non-existence. Buddhists see hell as a place of suffering, yet souls still can have a chance to escape and be reborn on earth. Then again, a Nihilist might say we're already in hell, so there's that, too. Enjoy!

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