Are You Cat, Deer, Fox, or Bunny Pretty?


Long gone are the days of fashion magazines and celebrities telling us what kind of pretty we are — now, it's up to the animals. Nature's creatures have a beauty all their own, and since we're merely animals, it only makes sense to measure ourselves against them instead. You probably already know about the TikTok trend that compares your features and your personality against some of the earth's most gorgeous creatures, but do you know which kind of pretty you are? As you go through this quiz, we're going to ask you about your physical features and personality. Prettiness goes deeper than the surface, so we want to make sure we paw-sitively get to know every part of you. Then, and only then, will we be able to tell you what kind of pretty you are! Answer each question honestly. Which one will it be? Take the quiz to find out!

History Lesson

Want some fun facts about animals?

  • The peacock spider is a tiny but incredibly colorful and mesmerizing creature. The males have vibrant patterns on their bodies and perform elaborate dance moves to attract a mate. Talk about being pretty and talented!
  • The blue morpho butterfly is like a living jewel. Its wings are a stunning shade of iridescent blue that can catch the sunlight and shimmer in the most enchanting way. Just imagine fluttering around with such beauty!
  • If you're a fan of underwater beauty, look no further than the Mandarin fish. This small, colorful fish boasts an array of vibrant hues, like a walking (or swimming) work of art. With its electric blue body and intricate patterns, it's a true showstopper.
  • The majestic peacock is famous for its extravagant tail feathers. The males display their stunning plumage in a grand fan-shaped display to impress potential mates. It's like having a fabulous feathered gown!
  • We can't forget about the adorable red panda, which is pretty in a different way. With its fluffy red fur, masked face, and bushy tail, it's like a real-life cartoon character. Who could resist that level of cuteness?
  • The snowy owl is an enchanting creature of the Arctic. Its white feathers provide perfect camouflage in snowy landscapes, making it look like a regal queen of winter. Imagine having that kind of natural beauty!
  • Let's not overlook the stunning patterns of the cheetah. Its sleek and spotted coat helps it blend into the grasslands while also giving it a fashionable look. It's like wearing a designer outfit every day!
  • Did you know that the peacock mantis shrimp has some serious style? This little critter showcases a vibrant color palette and impressive patterns. Plus, it has powerful claws that can punch with the speed of a bullet. It's a true fashionista with a punch!
  • Nature also has its own gemstone collection. Take the hummingbird, for example. With its iridescent feathers, it can shimmer in a rainbow of colors as it hovers and flits around. It's like having a living jewel flying in your backyard!
  • Let's talk about the charming red fox. With its fiery red fur and bushy tail, it's impossible not to admire its beauty. It's like being in the presence of a sly and stylish celebrity.

So, which kind of pretty are you? Take our quiz to find out and discover which stunning creature matches your unique beauty and personality!

Did you know?

Lions are the king of the jungle and more

Any trip into nature or a quick Google can reveal some of the most beautiful animals in the world. Aside from looking in the mirror and seeing the most beautiful animal of all, humans consider some animals to be prettier than others. While exotic creatures such as the blue glaucus of exquisite colors and shapes, other, more familiar animals seem to resonate differently in our eyes. Some of the most obvious choices, like the mandarin duck and the peacock, are popular; there's one animal that most frequently gets voted the prettiest in the world time and time again. For some reason, humans tend to think of the lion as the most beautiful animal in the world. The appearance of lions isn't as dynamic as other beautiful animals, but their power and grace seem to be something humans find irresistible. In particular, the male lion and its majestic mane are considered the king of pretty.

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