Are You an NHL All-Star or A Hoser?

Are you an NHL pro? Or at least an NHL trivia pro? Sure, every fair-weather hockey fan thinks they could be a better GM than that guy who signed ole whatshisname to that 6-year deal when they're way past their prime but let's face it, playing armchair referee doesn't mean you know anything about the history of the NHL, it rules, or its players. Let's put your knowledge to the test. Be warned; if you score less than 100%, we might call on you to wear a 1995 Anaheim Ducks Wild Wing jersey for the rest of your life. We've got about a dozen of them waiting for just such an occasion.

Did you know?

What were the first hockey pucks were made of?

You may not believe this (because it's probably not true), but originally, hockey games were played with frozen patties of cow poop. Yes, cow dung was literally tossed around on the ice as a puck when the sport first began. Or at least that's the rumor. There's no documented history of this apparent poop-puck, so we're not convinced it's true. By the 1870s, hockey games were using square pucks made of rubber and wood. The first recorded use of a rounded puck came in the 1880s via the Victoria Hockey Club of Montreal.

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