Are You an Alpha Male or Are You More Subtle?


You've probably heard of the alpha male. You know, the leader of the pack. The undisputed king in the local jungle. He oozes confidence because of intelligence, physical strength, charisma, power, or a touch of danger. And if he has all these qualities? Oh boy, you'd better watch out for the stampede of would-be lovers. Because the alpha isn't just a man's man, he's a ladies' man too. Depending on your personality, habits, and inclinations, you may just be one of these rare creatures. And if not, there are at least three other categories you could fall into that show promising signs for the future. Wanna see where you fall on the spectrum? Whether you're an alpha killing it at everything, a beta waiting for his moment, or a woman who's more of a baller than a bawler. So, loosen up your collar, flex those biceps, and let's crush it.

Did you know?

When and where did the alpha male concept originate?

The alpha male epitomizes dominance. Women (and men) want alphas, and everyone wants to be them when they reach lofty heights and perch at the top of the pecking order. It doesn't take much for an alpha to get his way, and you'll rarely see him concerned about the opinions of others or sharing his vulnerabilities. At least, in theory.

The alpha male concept comes from studying animal behaviors, and it became popular throughout the 20th century. Researchers looked at primate politics and began to apply them to humans in 1982. There were some striking similarities with corporate life. In 1999, Al Gore's consultant, Naomi Wolf, dubbed him a beta male who needed to take on the 'top dog' in the White House.

The term entered the mainstream and has been thrown around ever since. The conclusion? A true alpha isn't all brawny muscle and self-centeredness; a true alpha is assertive and kind.

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