Are You a True Toronto Maple Leafs Fan?
Charlie, Heywise Staff
By Charlie, Heywise Staff

As one of the oldest and most valuable franchises in the National Hockey League, the Toronto Maple Leafs have fans throughout Canada and the U.S. The impressive ice hockey team has a history going back to 1917 and has won the second most Stanley Cup championships. Leafs fans are known for being extremely loyal no matter what the team's performance. The ticket price to a home game is among the highest of any team in the NHL, and season tickets often see an annual renewal rate of over 90%. With such an amazing history, it is obvious why the Toronto Maple Leafs have an awesome fan base. There are plenty of facts that anyone with a basic knowledge of the team will know. But only a true Leaf superfan can answer the tough questions. Over one hundred years of statistics, players and coaches supply an abundance of information for new fans and old fans to discover.

Did you know?

Former Leafs captain Darryl Sittler cut the "C" off his jersey in 1980

During the 1979-80 season, Imlach trashed his players in the media and banned them from making TV appearances. Sittler was team captain and defiant of Imlach, making him a favorite target. Imlach couldn't trade Sittler because he was protected by a no-trade clause, so instead, he traded Sittler's close friend and fan favorite, Lanny MacDonald, to the Colorado Rockies. After Imlach traded even more of Sittler's friends and allies, he resigned as captain and demanded a trade. Following his renouncement of the captaincy, Sittler delivered a statement to the media that stated that he felt he could no longer do the captain's job as an intermediary between players and management because he had no communication with management. Sittler, one of the greatest Maple Leafs in history, became a Philadelphia Flyer.

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