Are You a Texas Expert? A Texpert, Perhaps?

Charlie, Heywise Staff
By Charlie, Heywise Staff

Texas is a Glaswegian alternative rock band. It's also the most legendary state in the U.S. of A. The Lone Star State inspires tremendous pride amongst locals who know Texas is The Actual Best. Because of the undeniable fact of the state's size, its immense and diverse population, or its financial and cultural impact, Texans are loud, proud, and happy to call this massive chunk of the south home.

If you're one of these born and bred folks who know your Buc-ee's from your Whataburgers, howdy! This quiz will be as fun as a long turn on a rodeo. And if you're a layman or an honorary Texan fixin' to prove you've got some horse sense, good luck; you're in for quite the ride. So, pull a Dr. Pepper out of your refrigerator because it's time to file your longhorn cattle and your Big Bertha drums in all the right places.

Did you know?

Some of the more unusual Texas pastimes

It's no secret that Texas is ginormous. After all, San Diego is closer to El Paso than to Houston. With all that space to work with and so many people, too, you'd best believe there are multiple ways to spend your time and various definitions of fun. Sure, most Texans can be relied upon to watch high school football on Fridays, but there are also many quirky sports. Take, for example, the athletes in Netflix's "Cheer" or the work buddies who go ax-throwing to build team spirit. What about the Texas Roller Derby featuring teams with funky names like Cherry Bombs and Putas del Fuego? There's also kayak polo, bubble soccer, archery tag, cornhole leagues, and armadillo racing.

Armadillo racing involves real armadillos, so it's been the subject of ethical debate and lawmaking. Despite their ties with sloths, these armor-plated animals are fast and leap when threatened. A leap in the right direction could mean a win, but at what cost?

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