Are You A Spelling Bee Champ? Most People Can’t Spell These Basic Words!

The English language is very complex. Spanish, French, and Italian all have verbs that conjugate in the same patterns. However, English is full of irregular verbs and unique rules. That can make spelling very difficult. Although you probably took lots of spelling tests in elementary school, have you brushed up on your spelling lately? Did you dread the spelling bee?

Most people use spell check for everything these days, but even then you can still be way off and not have any suggestions even close to the word you are trying to spell. Let’s not forget the homophones, which are words with different definitions and spellings, but sound the same when pronounced.

Whether you think your spelling is so-so or you can ace this test, go ahead and give it a try. It is a multiple choice format with four options, pictures, and even hints if you get stuck. You might surprise yourself! Don’t forget to challenge your friends.

Did you know?

History of the Spelling Bee

The Scripps National Spelling Bee started in 1925. In 2016, TIME magazine reached out to some of the champions to see what they were up to since they won.

In 1954, William Cashore won with the word ‘transept’ which is a noun by definition for a crossed-shaped floor plan in a church. He went on to become a neonatology specialist and a professor emeritus for Alpert Medical School at Brown University.

Peg McCarthy won in 1978 thanks to ‘deification.’ This word involves deifying something or someone but also has to do with becoming a deity, or god. She worked as a clinical psychologist.

1982 was the year for Molly (Dieveney) Baker. She won thanks to the word ‘psoriasis,’ which is a chronic skin disease. She now works as a chief operating officer and writer for an investment management firm.

In 1996, Wendy (Guey) Lai scored the trophy with the winning word ‘vivisepulture.’ That is a noun, and it has to do with being buried alive. She is currently a math teacher at a middle school.

Pratyush Buddiga won in 1996 with a noun that means the act of looking forward – ‘prospicience.’ He is a professional poker player.

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