Are You a Maestro of Music Trivia?

From rock to rap, classical to contemporary, old school to new wave, music has been an essential part of the human experience since the first time people sparked a flame and gathered around the original campfire. Archaeologists think the first instruments created by man were drums and flutes carved out of animal bones. Humans have gathered in chamber halls, opera houses, courtyards, and massive stadiums to hear their favorite bands play their favorite songs. The right tune can help heal a broken heart, inspire you on your darkest day, or just help pass the time on the long drive to work. But are you a true music maestro when it comes to modern music trivia? You don't have to be an expert in all things musical, but if you enjoy listening to the radio or downloading the latest hits, then take this fun quiz to see if you are a true musical maniac.

Did you know?

What's the History Behind the First Rock Concert?

Nothing celebrates the modern music experience quite like a live concert. Fans gather at a venue to see and hear different bands or musicians gather to play the hits. Woodstock might be the most famous rock concert in human history, but others like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Lilith Fair, and Coachella have entertained the masses for years. But do you know the history of what is widely considered the first rock concert? It took place in Cleveland, Ohio, on March 21, 1952. Alan Freed was a local disc jockey who organized the event. He is also famous for popularizing the phrase "rock and roll." Instead of calling it a concert, Freed dubbed the event the Moondog Coronation Ball. It was held at a small arena in the area. Due to counterfeiting and a printing error, more tickets were issued than there were seats in the venue. Because so many people tried to get into the arena, the authorities stepped in and shut the concert down early. The next day Freed issued an apology on the air.

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