Are You a Car-Spotter? Can You Name the Makes of These Vehicles?


Do you have a knack for knowing when a Chevy rolls by? Can you identify a late model Ford by its taillights? Are you good at telling a Subaru from a Toyota? See if you can name the brands behind these vehicles. There’s enough diversity that no one except a real pro is going to know them all. Expect trickery and rare cars you’ve never seen in your town, but we’ve mostly stuck to models delivered to American customers at some point in the last hundred years. When in doubt, check both the clues and the extra hint, but have faith in your ability to recognize these four-wheeled wonders. Modern vehicles made in the same year tend to blend together, but older cars and trucks should be a cinch — makers were often in competition to see who had the most outlandish design features, from fins to bullet noses. Be careful: sometimes both the picture and description are necessary to narrow down the answer, such as in the case of surprisingly common “suicide doors.”


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