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Bee and PuppyCat recently had a 10th anniversary, and the creators took time out of their schedules to celebrate this understated show with an ever-growing following. When you take a close look at Bee and PuppyCat, it's not hard to see why it's amassed a whole lot of fans. Between the pastel palette, whimsical motifs, and the lovably idiosyncratic main and side characters, the show is the ultimate comfort watch—bite-sized, beautiful, and undemanding at first glance. Like a fever dream, it has layers of symbolism and explores some heavy themes like depression with an enviable lighthandedness. There are subtle nods to the LGBT community—the island's mayor is probably trans, for example. Spoilers abound in this quiz, so don't say we didn't warn ya. Okay, are you ready to board this amazing fantastical spaceship in a world with a soothing soundtrack? Because we're ready to hunt for your answers. In 3,2,1....lift off!

History lesson

The power of co-viewing: why watching TV with your kids matters

In today's digital age, many parents grapple with the dilemma of screen time for their young ones. However, it's not all doom and gloom. When parents actively engage in what's termed as "co-viewing," watching TV can transform from a passive activity to a rich, interactive learning experience. The key lies in being present and involved. By watching alongside their preschool or elementary school-aged children, parents can turn screen time into an opportunity for bonding, discussion, and shared learning.

Active participation by parents can significantly amplify the learning potential of screen time. For instance, when kids watch educational shows with their parents, they tend to retain more information. This is because the back-and-forth discussions, questions, and interactions between the child and parent reinforce the content. Shows like PBS's Peg + Cat, which teach early math skills, become even more effective when watched together. Beyond just academic learning, these shared viewing sessions also offer a platform for parents to discuss emotions, behaviors, and real-world applications of what's being shown on the screen.

But the benefits don't stop at learning. Co-viewing also serves as a tool for parents to address and challenge stereotypes presented in media. By discussing the roles and behaviors of characters, parents can guide their children in recognizing and questioning societal norms and biases. Moreover, shows that model positive behaviors, like emotional self-regulation, can be used as references in real-life situations. In essence, by simply sharing the screen, parents and children can foster a deeper connection, making TV time both fun and fruitful.

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What Are Some Fun Facts About Bee and PuppyCat?

Bee and PuppyCat's visuals are inspired, in part, by 90s anime like Superbook and Sailor Moon. The idea for the show was initially rejected by Eric Holman, the head of creative development at Frederator Studios, before it eventually got a thumbs up. Phew! The pilot aired on YouTube and was met with such a positive response that a Kickstarter campaign successfully raised $872,133, and an entire season consisting of 10 short webisodes became viable. The show would go on to become the most highly funded animation project on the crowd funding website. Well-known internet personality Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen fame voiced Temp Bot for an episode, and the show's gentle soundtrack was composed by electronic musician Will Wiesenfeld, who also goes by the stage name Baths. His debut album, "Cerulean" (2010), was critically acclaimed. There's also a fictionalized, fan-made version of the show Bee and PuppyCat are addicted to out in the world so look out for that. Finally, if you didn't already know, Frederator CEO Fred Seibert, accidentally leaked the entire second season on Vimeo in 2020.

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