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What is the collective name for a group of crows?

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Quiz WriterJake

Jake didn’t think he’d become a writer when he was growing up in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, but fate had another idea. After barely squeaking through grade 9 English, by the luck of the draw Jake found himself with the most inspiring literature instructor his small town had ever known, and grade 10 English changed his life! Suddenly, evenings once spent at the hockey rink were spent curled up on the couch with the best of Hemingway, Dickens, and John Grisham. A valedictorian address and English degree at the University of Regina later, Jake is proud to call Heywise his favorite place to pen informative quizzes about all his passion projects. If you’re reading a post and pick up a hint of classic English literature, you’re probably reading something by Jake - especially if you come away feeling like a slightly better person for it.

Did you know?

The World Has Spent Millions Of Years On YouTube

This doesn’t have much to do with IQ, but did you know that the second most popular video on YouTube, Gangnam Style by Psy has zapped over 13,000 years of human life (or so they say). Meaning, adding up the number of views it has amounts to 13,000 years. That’s because it has over 3 billion views. Maybe hearing that it has 3,000,000,000 is more impressive. At least sources say that the video has been watched for 13,000 years. This may seem like an exaggeration turning its popularity into satire, but just those 3 billion views add up to over 20,000. That means that isn’t an exaggeration; it’s an outdated fact. If this is true, then the average person (including babies and those without internet) has spent two minutes watching that one video. Every single person.

But that’s nothing compared to the time we spend doing other stuff. Like brushing our teeth, which the average person does for one twenty-four-hour day each year. Or how if you’ve watched every episode of the Simpsons with commercials, that’s about 300 hours of your time. Or thirteen full days of work. If you got paid $10/hr to watch it, you’d have made $3000. What about Law & Order? That would be $5000 if you were paid $10 an hour to watch the whole thing. Even $3500 at minimum wage in US states with the lowest minimum wage.

Now wouldn’t all this be handy if you had time for it? Too bad Mercury is uninhabitable because days on that planet last for two of our years! Funny how time works.

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