Which Personality Type Do You Embody? Jock, Nerd, Prep, or Goth?


Although times change, some things are forever — like high school stereotypes. Way before the time of The Breakfast Club, the labels "jock, nerd, prep, and goth" were used to sum up the whole population. You might think you know which groups you fall into, but do you really? Over the years, you're sure to have picked up some of the other traits while you matured — or did you? Are you still the same athletic and popular or nerdy and smart person you used to be? If you haven't checked yourself in a while, it's time to figure it out before you totally wreck yourself in front of a younger generation. If you plan to wear black lipstick to the retirement home, you probably already know where you stand. If not, now's the time to find out if you're more of a prep, jock, nerd, or goth at heart. Which one will it be? Take the quiz to find out!

History Lesson

Throughout history, various social groups and subcultures have emerged

Four such groups that have become particularly recognizable are jocks, nerds, goths, and preps.

The term "jock" originally referred to someone who played sports, particularly football, and was often associated with a strong physique and aggressive, competitive behavior. Over time, the stereotype has expanded to encompass any person who is athletic, physically fit, and popular. Jocks are often seen as unintellectual, shallow, and socially dominant, with a tendency to bully and belittle those who do not fit their mold.

In contrast, the term "nerd" was initially used to describe someone who was highly intelligent and deeply interested in academic pursuits. However, over time, the stereotype has come to encompass anyone who is seen as overly studious, socially awkward, and uninterested in popular culture. Nerds are often portrayed as wearing glasses, being socially isolated, and lacking physical prowess.

The goth subculture emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s, characterized by a fascination with death, the macabre, and the supernatural. Goths are often associated with black clothing, heavy makeup, and a preference for music that is moody, atmospheric, and introspective. The goth stereotype also includes a sense of melancholy and isolation, with goths often depicted as being outcasts or rebels who reject mainstream culture.

Finally, the prep stereotype emerged in the 1950s and 1960s, characterized by an affinity for preppy clothing, such as polo shirts, khaki pants, and boat shoes. Preps are often associated with private schools, Ivy League universities, and affluent backgrounds and are seen as being well-spoken, polite, and self-assured. However, preps are also sometimes stereotyped as being snobbish and privileged, with a sense of entitlement that can alienate others.


Did you know?

Jock has interesting origins

Among the typical stereotypes, some are more self-explanatory than others. When you hear the term goth, you instantly think of the color black and a dark vibey look. And when you think about preps, you can see how well put together they are in your head. As for nerds, well ... nerds are nerds, and they are far smarter than you, me, and the candy they share their name with. The word jock, however, comes with a set of flattering and unflattering connotations. Coined in 1963, the term was originally meant for someone who takes their sport very seriously. Eventually, it evolved into the stereotypical term we know today — someone who is not all the bright but knows how to pump a bunch of iron. But where did the word come from? Although it sounds like it may be derived from jockey — the horseriders, it's not.

Jock actually comes from shortening the term jockstrap. We'll just leave you with that.

How to Play?

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