Decoding Your Personality: Can You Determine If You're a Bad Person?


Perhaps you're having a bad day, put the wrong shoe on your foot, and now you're questioning your very mettle and moral fiber. Or maybe you're a goodie two shoes looking for extra validation. Whatever has brought you to this corner of the internet, welcome. You're not alone in your wonderings, and there are no easy answers. The human eye can perceive more than five hundred shades of gray and human behavior is just as complex, if not more so. We've all been hurt, and that shapes our notions of good and bad. And we've all been born into societies and communities with slightly different norms and ethical frameworks. Still, there are some universally agreed-upon ideas of good and bad. Let's get one thing straight before we go any further. Everyone makes mistakes and is a mix of virtue and vice because we're human. The questions you need to grapple with are which way do I lean, and what are the long-term implications of my behavior? Let's start grappling.


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Let us introduce you to the Listicle Liege, the Article Aficionado, the one and only Nathan. Since creating his first photo collage at the age of five with images clipped from his mom’s Chatelaine magazines (all of them), it’s been nearly impossible to stem this one’s tide of visual learning. Be it the annals of history or the latest celeb gossip, Nathan has probably researched it, likely already has a folder of relevant photos on his desktop, and definitely learned a lot of interesting facts to go with those images. Whereas most well-read adults have bookshelves full of classic literature, Nathan’s stacks are composed of National Geographic and TIME special editions and a curated section of first-grade readers (for inspiration). If you prefer picture books to wordy novels, listicles by Nathan are right up your alley.

Did you know?

What's the deal with bullying?

Bullying begets bullying. Those who bully others have often been bullied or are operating from a space of fear and low self-esteem. Be that as it may, being on the receiving end of gaslighting, unnecessary criticism and singling out, or even violence, can feel awful. In the U.S., 20% of children between the ages of 12 and 18 are bullied at school, and digital lives are doing a number on our youth. In recent studies, about 14.5% of tweens (9 to 12-year-olds) reported being bullied online. Cyberbullying involves rumors, hurtful comments, or at its worst, physical threats. Kids with learning disabilities and those that identify as LGBTQ report greater victimization rates than other children their age, and both bullies and their victims are at an increased risk for suicide-related behavior.

If you or someone you know is being bullied, help is available. Call the No Bully Help Hotline at 1-866-488-7386.

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