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Have you ever wondered where you fall on the political spectrum? You might think you're an open-minded liberal, but our quiz might reveal something completely different. Ours isn't nearly as daunting as your typical political typology quiz, but the results are certainly revealing. Knowing your true political essence can help you understand what unites and divides you from others. Understanding ourselves can help us instill a better sense of tolerance and understanding towards others. The first serious political typology quiz was created in 2021 by the Pew Research Center and was designed to get a broad perspective of where various Americans sit on political views. Over 10,200 individuals did an online quiz and were categorized into various groups. Whether you're anti-establishment, love law and order, or couldn't care less about politics, there's a place for you on the political spectrum. Let's go!

History lesson

What's the deal with political polarization

Political polarization is the complex embroidery that weaves through the fabric of our society, shaping the contours of our collective narrative. It's akin to the intricate patterns on a quilt, each stitch representing a divergence in ideology, a clash of values, or a struggle for power. Just as names serve as the appetizers of our personal stories, political polarization is the amuse-bouche of our societal discourse, offering a glimpse into the deeper conflicts that lie ahead. Much like a family tree that traces its roots back through generations, the history of political polarization is deeply embedded in the annals of time. It's not a modern phenomenon, as some might think, but rather a recurring theme that has shaped the course of nations and civilizations. From the Roman Senate to the English Parliament, polarization has been a constant companion, reflecting the inherent diversity of human thought and the eternal struggle for power and influence. In the early days of democratic governance, political polarization was often a straightforward affair, defined by clear-cut divisions along ideological lines. But as societies evolved, so did the nature of polarization. It transformed from a simple binary into a complex matrix, influenced by a myriad of factors such as religion, ethnicity, and social class.

But let's not overlook the psychological dimensions of political polarization. Much like how a name can shape our self-perception, polarization can influence our collective psyche. It can create an "us versus them" mentality, where the "other" becomes an existential threat, a challenge to our very identity. This emotional undercurrent can be as potent as any policy disagreement, fueling a cycle of mistrust and animosity that can be difficult to break. However, the beauty of political polarization is that it's not set in stone. Just as individuals can redefine their names and identities, societies can reshape the contours of their polarization. Through dialogue, compromise, and a willingness to understand the other side, we can rewrite the script, creating a new narrative that embraces diversity while finding common ground.

As we look ahead, it's clear that political polarization will continue to be a defining feature of our societal landscape. But rather than viewing it as an insurmountable obstacle, let's see it as an opportunity for growth, a challenge that can spur us to greater heights. After all, it's the contrasting threads that make a tapestry truly beautiful, and it's the differing opinions that make our democratic discourse truly rich. So, the next time you find yourself entangled in the web of political polarization, remember that it's just another chapter in our ongoing story, a story that we have the power to shape and redefine. And who knows? Perhaps the next stitch in the tapestry will be the one that brings us closer together, creating a masterpiece that reflects the best of who we are.

Did you know?

There are nine political types

In previous years, you were either a Republican or Democrat. This pigeon-holed viewpoint didn't cater to the many schools of thought that lay somewhere on the spectrum between the conservative and liberal. For many, there are ideologies that resonate with them from each party, leading to mass confusion about their political typology. And then there are those who just don't care about politics.

So, how many political types are there? The majority of people fell into a sub-group under either Republican or Democrat, making up eight groups. Under Republicans, you have Faith and Flag Conservatives, Populist Right, Ambivalent Right, and Committed Conservatives. The sub-groups under Democrats include the Progressive Left, Establishment Liberals, Democratic Mainstays, and Outsider Left.

After Pew Research Center's online survey in 2021, it was revealed that a ninth group exists, called the stressed sideliners who don't hold strong views about any party. A mind-blowing 15% of Americans fall under this category.

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