Bark-tastic Dog Care Trivia: How Well Do You Know Your Furry Friends?

Dogs have been our faithful companions for millennia. No wonder they’re so often called man’s best friends. They’ve always been friendly, excitable buddies to us — it’s hard not to love them. So often, we let them sleep in our beds, make them little doggy cakes for their birthdays, and buy them new toys to fetch. Nowadays, we usually see dogs as a part of our family. Most of us either have a dog or have had one in the past. Therefore, a lot of dog care is considered common knowledge. How about you? Do you consider yourself a dog lover? Can you tell the difference between a bull terrier and an American Pitbull terrier? Do you know all about dog nutrition, discipline, and exercise? Well, time to put your knowledge to the test! How many questions will you get right?

Did you know?

How did we domesticate dogs?

New research hypothesizes that early humans might have domesticated dogs by accident by sharing meat. That’s right, on occasion, our ancestors had more meat than they could consume before it went bad, so naturally, they shared the rest with the wolves. Over time, wolves became their pets. Scientists even think early humans may have adopted orphaned wolf cubs, seen them as pets, and fed them leftover meat.

Wolves, of course, then slowly evolved into the many dog breeds we know and love today. It’s still uncertain, however, when precisely domesticated dogs. Evidence suggests that dogs had become distinct from wolves around 27,000 to 40,000 years ago. Dogs are also the only animals domesticated by hunter-gatherers. Other animals were domesticated much later — only once farming became widespread. Today, we have those early humans for laying the groundwork for our millennia-long companionship with dogs. Honestly, they've always been man’s best friends!

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