98% of People Can't Name These NFL Team Logos From Just a Portion of the Logo. Can you?


Is September - January your favorite time of year not because the leaves turn during the fall, not because Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year give us a chance to reflect on our lives, but because it's time to bleed and sweat every Thursday through Sunday and Monday night for NFL Football? Do you know the NFL's history, where teams have gone and what they looked like in years past? Think you're a fan. See if you can figure out these logos.

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Did you know?

Over 1/3 of the US Watches the Super Bowl

Since it is the most watched televised event in the US, it's safe to say that the Super Bowl is for more than just football fans. Watching the Super Bowl has become a family tradition all across the country. It is so popular that between 2007 and 2017, the price for Super Bowl ads have increased over 75%. After all, 114 million people watch the Super Bowl, and that's not counting the people who stop in for the ads alone or watch them later on YouTube.

During the screenings, over 1 billion pounds of chicken wings are eaten, over 10 million pounds of potato chips are eaten, and over 300 million gallons of beer is drunk. That's a lot of drunk sports fans washing down their wings and screaming at the TV.

As for the pro side, they will destroy over 72 balls and will buy 700,000 for the NFL in preparation. But for the game, each team only gets 108. Since they have to stay in town all week before the Super Bowl, each player gets their own car loaned to them to see the sights, get something to eat, and prepare for the big day. And is it a big day!

Back in 1967, a ticket cost an average of $6. Today, the average ticket is rarely less than $5000. So that's why everyone watches at home! That and the fact that you have to get a physical, paper ticket as digital tickets are accepted as in most events of today.

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