Will You Watch These Shows Returning This Fall?

The autumn season is always full of coziness and nostalgia. The air is finally cooling off, the leaves are falling and getting crisp. We spend less time outdoors as the days get darker, so it’s comforting to throw on some fun socks, make a warm beverage, and snuggle into the couch with our favorite tv shows. The line-up of shows returning this fall is pretty epic. We’ve got female superheroes, British crooks and gambling fiends, murderous women, inspiring doctors, and crime-fighting teams that give us hope for defeating the baddies in our own lives. We join wonderful families like the Pearsons, say goodbye to the Pritchetts, and mourn the loss of Luke Perry as Riverdale continues. So, what shows have you excited for this fall season? Is it all about football? Or are you holding out to see Sean Spicer bust a move? We’ve compiled this list of 40 hit shows that are returning this fall. Scroll through and see what piques your interest. Maybe you’ll go back to your old favorites, but maybe, this year, you’ll add something new. Warning: spoilers ahead!


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