The Salaries of TV’s Top Reporters May Surprise You

The salary for a working individual in the United States averages out to about $45,000 a year. Physicians get close to $200,000 a year, and many low-paying jobs in transportation and packaging provide $30,000 or less. The average mayor makes about $58,000 a year, and a police chief can earn $100,000 or more. But what about some of the borderline celebrities you see every day? You've been watching news reporters on TV for years. You probably know some of them by name or by voice and make an effort to tune in to your favorites, but do you know what they earn? The salaries of TV's top reporters might surprise you!

Chuck Todd

This NBC host and current moderator of Meet the Press earns a salary of $750,000. He is also the on-air political analyst for Today and NBC Nightly News.


Rachel Maddow

She earns $7 million annually and hosts her own talk show, The Rachel Maddow Show. She was the first openly gay individual to win the Rhodes Scholarship, for her charity work with ACT UP.

MSNBC - Election Coverage - Season 2016

Anderson Cooper

He is a contributor for 60 minutes and is one of the most recognized anchors on broadcast television. His recent contract with CNN has doubled his salary from $2 million to $4 million.


Robin Roberts

She worked with ESPN for 15 years and is now a featured reporter with ABC on Good Morning America. Her salary is a whopping $14 million.


Sean Hannity

The salary of the Hannity and Fox host is $29 million. His close proximity to President Donald Trump has made him one of the most-watched hosts.


Tamron Hall

This host of Deadline: Crime on the Investigation Discovery channel earns a salary of $1 million. She also happened to land an exclusive interview with Barack Obama right before he announced he was running for the Presidency, back in 2007.


Gio Benitez

He has been nominated for 8 Emmys and won two for his journalistic work. His salary is $750,000 and he appears as a correspondent to many segments such as 20/20, Nightline, and Good Morning America.


Erin Andrews

She is a field reporter for the FOX NFL Playoffs, the World Series, and the Daytona 500. She is also the host for ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and earns $1 million in salary.

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans

Bill O'Reilly

With a salary of $20 million, O’Reilly was once known as Fox News’ biggest star. When his scandals were revealed in 2017, he was fired from Fox and now hosts his own podcast, No Spin News.


Meredith Vieira

Vieira was a correspondent for 60 Minutes on CBS, which turned her into a household name. She earns $11 million and works as a co-anchor on CBS Morning News.


Thomas Roberts

Starting out in a small cable station in the state of Maryland, Roberts has worked in local, national, and entertainment news. He even earned an Emmy nomination for superb investigations in his work. His salary is $1.5 million.


Elizabeth Vargas

She is the lead investigative reporter and documentary anchor for A&E’s Cults and Extreme Belief. Vargas is only the third female anchor for an evening newscast and her salary is $750,000.

Elizabeth Vargas And David Muir Visit The Empire State Building To Celebrate The 40th Season Of

Katie Couric

Her salary is $15 million, and with her varied jobs over the years, she’s earned it. She was a Deputy Pentagon Correspondent and an assignment editor and co-anchor for Today. Couric has been honored with an Associated Press award and an Emmy.


Barbara Walters

She made history by being the first television anchor to receive $1 million as an annual salary. In 2006 and 2007, she was the highest-earning anchor in the TV industry.


Matt Lauer

Possibly one of the most recognized names and faces in broadcast news, Lauer pulls in a $28 million salary. He hosted the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and multiple Olympic Games, but was terminated in 2017 after sexual misconduct scandals surfaced.


Josh Elliot

Josh Elliot has worked for many networks, including ESPN, ABC, CBS and National Geographic. His salary is $4 million.

CBS News

Savannah Guthrie

Her salary is $8 million, and she works for MSNBC. Guthrie has covered national news stories like the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Michael Jackson trials, and the anthrax scare.


Connie Chung

Chung has a salary of $2 million and has worked for NBC, CBS and CNN. She has hosted Tonight, NBC Nightly News and her own show, Connie Chung Tonight.


Diane Sawyer

This household name is the host of ABC World News and makes $22 million a year. She has interviewed many presidents including Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.


Kate Bolduan

She has worked for NBC and CNN, and is most known for her two shows, At This Hour with Kate Bolduan and The State of America with Kate Bolduan. Her salary is around $110,000.


Lisa Ling

She has worked on many shows, including The View and National Geographic, and she hosts her own show, This is Life with Lisa Ling, on CNN. Ling makes $8.5 million annually.


Keith Olbermann

This ESPN anchor makes $2 million per year. He was also the former host of GQ’s The Closer with Keith Olbermann.

Paley Prize Gala Honoring ESPN's 35th Anniversary Presented By Roc Nation Sports - Inside

David Muir

He has worked as an anchor on ABC World News Tonight and 20/20. Muir follows in the footsteps of his predecessor, Diane Sawyer. His annual salary is $5 million.


Lesley Stahl

She has an annual salary of $1.8 million. Stahl made headlines when, in an interview with Al Gore back in 2004, her guest revealed that he would not be running for president again.


Andrea Mitchell

She is an anchor for NBC Nightly News, Today, and her own show, Andrea Mitchell Reports. Her salary is $750,000.


Pam Oliver

This sportscaster earns $1 million annually. She is known for her significant contribution as a sideline reporter for both the NBA and the NFL.


Chris Matthews

He is a talk showhost, news anchorfor NBC and MSNBC, political commentator and an author. Matthews' annual salary is $5 million.


Tom Brokaw

Brokaw's annual salary is $8 million. He works on NBC’s Nightly News and is the NBC News Senior Correspondent.


Mika Brzezinski

This New York native makes $8 million a year. She works with her spouse Joe Scarborough on the show Morning Joe on MSNBC.

Ninth Annual Women Of Worth Awards

Lester Holt

This NBC news anchor receives a $4.5 million salary. He became popular nationally when he anchored the 2016 Presidential Debates.


Dan Rather

He informed the nation in 1963, when he reported on Kennedy’s assassination for CBS. Rather became the White House Correspondent and Foreign Correspondent and now has a salary of $6 million.


Lara Logan

She is a popular television, radio, and war journalist, but is most well known for her work on CBS’s 60 Minutes. Logan was also made Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent; she makes $2 million in salary.


Brian Williams

His current salary is $10 million. Williams worked for 8 years at MSNBC and, in 2004, took over for Tom Brokaw at NBC’s Nightly News.

MSNBC Anchors - Season 15

Ann Curry

She was on NBC’s Today Show, and made $12 million. Curry has earned seven Emmy awards and the Simon Wiesenthal Medal of Valor for her reporting.

Ann Curry

Al Roker

He is most widely known as the long-time weatherman on NBC’s Today Show. He earns $8 million a year.


Kathie Lee Gifford

She has been nominated for 11 Daytime Emmy’sand won one in 2010.  Gifford's salary is $2 million and she has worked on Good Morning America and NBC’s Today, as well as co-hosted multiple talk shows.

Image: Today - Season 66

Natalie Moralis

Her salary is $1 million. Moralis is a correspondent for Dateline, and a West Coast anchor of Today. She has been named one of the “50 Most Influential Latinas.”

Image: Today - Season 63

Terry Moran

He was involved in the coverage of multiple national news stories, including the war crime trials at the Hague and the murder trials of O.J. Simpson and Lyle and Erik Menendez. Moran makes $250,000.


George Stephanopoulos

Stephanopoulos' salary is $10 million, and he was the White House Communications Director in the early 90s. Now he’s the chief political correspondent for ABC News and the co-anchor for Good Morning America.


Chris Cuomo

This CNN reporter earns $2.5 million per year and has worked for many news companies. He once held a position as a political policy analyst for Fox News.

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