The History of S'Mores

S'Mores are a delicious treat consisting of marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two golden graham crackers. Traditionally, people enjoyed s'mores while camping, toasted over an open flame until the marshmallow and chocolate melt to perfection. Nowadays, however, s'mores lend their name to everything from Oreo cookies to ice cream sundaes. The sticky snack continues to increase in popularity year after year, and it's no wonder why. These treats are beyond delicious and so easy to prepare, you can not only make them sitting around a campfire singing your favorite camping tunes with the family but also right at home in your oven.

August 10th is National S'mores Day

Light up the fire pit and toast some s'mores this August 10th to celebrate National S'Mores Day. The holiday is celebrated across the United States by Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, and s'mores lovers everywhere.


The name "S'More" has a meaning

You might be surprised to learn that "s'more" isn't just a fun word used to describe a tasty treat. It's actually a combination of the words "some and more", which accurately describe what we'd like when we're dining on this delicious dessert. "Gimme s'more s'mores!"


S'mores were invented by Girl Scouts (we think)

The s'more's history dates back to 1927 when a recipe appeared in a publication released by the Girl Scouts. Some sources, however, date its history back to the Victorian Era, while others claim it was created by The Campfire Girls, a youth organization established in the early 20th century.


The recipe never changes

No matter where you go, the recipe for s'mores remains the same: one large marshmallow and a few squares of chocolate, sandwiched between two graham crackers.


Mallomars and Moon Pies may be responsible for s'mores

Nabisco released a cookie called the Mallomar in 1913: a graham cracker topped with a marshmallow and coated in chocolate. In 1917, the Moon Pie, a marshmallow wedged between two graham crackers and coated in chocolate, was released.


Marshmallows used to be healthy

Marshmallow is actually a swamp plant; in ancient times its sap was touted as a sore throat cure. Eventually, the French figured out how to meringue the sap and turn it into a sweet. Today, marshmallows are made from gelatin and sugar.


Marshmallows were upper class treats in the 1800s

In the late 1800s, when marshmallows were more commonly eaten as a dessert than a natural health cure, they were primarily consumed by members of the upper class.


S'mores are traditionally made over a campfire

The classic recipe for s'mores calls for the roasted marshmallow to be removed from its skewer by using the other ingredients to pull it off. The heat from the marshmallow melts the chocolate to create a gooey, delicious s'more.


S'mores have only 195 calories per serving

If you follow the classic Hershey's recipe for a s'more (two graham crackers, a 1/2 bar of Hershey's chocolate, and one large marshmallow) you're only consuming 195 calories per serving!


S'mores are traditionally made on wood stakes, but they roast better on metal

Back in the 1920s when s'mores were first popularized, the recipe called for a toasted marshmallow roasted with a wooden stake. However, "experts" suggest using a metal stake to roast: it's a better heat conductor and will give the marshmallow an even gooier texture.


The world's largest s'more was 267 pounds!

The world's largest s'more was made in 2014 by Deer Run Camping Resort in Gardners, Pennsylvania. It was 267 pounds and took 300 bags of marshmallows, 90 pounds of chocolate, and 90 pounds of crackers.


S'mores are most popular in Vermont

A recent study showed s'mores are most often tweeted about in Vermont, with Virginia being a close second. People are pretty protective of their s'mores!


S'mores can sustain an entire business

Throughout the last century, s'mores continued to gain popularity with increasing momentum, year after year. They're now so popular that multiple businesses in the US exist simply to sell S'mores ingredients.


New S'mores-flavored products come out every year

Every year, more companies come out with products designed to taste like s'mores. Starbucks makes a s'mores Frappuccino, Pop Tarts come in s'mores flavor, and even Oreo has released a gooey, campfire option.


Graham crackers were invented to decrease sex drive

In the 1800s, Sylvester Graham wanted to return honor to society. He invented the graham cracker, which he thought would curb sexual desire.


So Many Marshmallows!

Every year, Americans buy an estimated 90 million pounds of marshmallows, half of which are used in s'mores.

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