30 State Laws You Won't Believe

Whenever we think of the law, we automatically assume order, justice, and fundamental rights. We may feel they're too strict, or we might think they're too relaxed. When we hear about laws — or are directly affected by them — hopefully, we see the logic behind their creation. Sometimes, though, a state or country comes up with a seriously nutty concept around which to build a legally binding rule. Take a ban on beer-drinking moose, for instance, or eating certain award-winning frogs. Check out these 30 looney laws that someone thought were important enough to put in writing.

Moose cannot be served a cold one!

The beautiful state of Alaska indeed has a ban on serving beer to moose.

Moose Standing in Highway

Wait! Don't eat THAT frog.

California has a strict law against eating a frog that died in a jumping contest.

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Under 15? Watch your mouth!

Georgia has a law against using any profanity if you're under the age of 15 years old.


No cannibals allowed (unless it's life or death)

In Idaho, cannibalism is allowed only for survival.


Going fishing? Hope you packed gloves.

It is illegal to catch a fish barehanded in Indiana, even if you're a pro.

MK1 copy

Put down the blue chick and step away.

If you dye a chick any color, you're breaking Kentucky law.


If you want to be in that number, you'd better have a saxophone.

It is illegal to sing "The Saints Come Marching In" along to a banjo in Louisiana.


Latex only if you're gettin' lucky

It is illegal to sell non-latex condoms in vending machines in Maryland.


Don't be a goof ball with the golf ball

It's against the law to explode a golf ball in Massachusetts.


Better find new plans for Friday night

You cannot host a greased pig contest in Minnesota.

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No love potions allowed!

Fortune tellers are banned from offering love potions in Pennsylvania.

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Make sure your skis are strapped on

Throwing things from a chairlift is illegal in Vermont.


That's what I'd call fast food

It is illegal to serve up roadkill for a meal in Montana, unless you're going 80 mph.

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A whole new kind of discrimination

It is illegal to marry if you have venereal disease in Nebraska.


Unhand that button and let's see some ID

Playing pinball is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 in South Carolina.

DD2 (1)

Home of the brave, or bust!

New Mexico has made it illegal to sing the national anthem only in part.

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Excuse me, ma'am, did you pay for that offal?

You cannot steal used kitchen grease in North Carolina.


Something fishy in the state of Ohio

Intoxicating a fish is illegal in Ohio.

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Keep your cheese curds far from your fries

Eating poutine of any kind is prohibited in Vermont.


Just a little nibble?

It is illegal to intentionally bite someone's arm off in Rhode Island.


This isn't the Sunflower State

In South Dakota, fireworks can only be used to scare birds away from sunflower crops.


Sit and sip, for safety

It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer standing up in Texas.

drinking-beer-athletic-performance (1)

The lizard's got to stay!

It is illegal to drive with a lizard in the car in no state.


Pickles must be dropped to be legitimized

In Connecticut, if your pickle doesn't bounce, it's an interloper.


Wait your turn...forever?

When two trains approach at a crossing, both shall stop and neither shall go until the other has passed in Texas and Kansas.


De-deck that tree or face the consequences!

You can be fined for keeping Christmas decorations up in Maine after January 14th.

Longfellow_Square,_Portland_Maine (1)

Watch yourself in the Garden State

This one might just be a rumor. It's said that a man cannot knit during fishing season and you can't frown at the police in New Jersey.

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It also makes it hard to breathe

It is illegal to kiss more than five minutes uninterrupted in Iowa.


Be gentle with my berries

You can get 30 days in jail for injuring someone's fruit in Oklahoma.


Truth or divorce?

If you get married on a dare, it is legal to get an annulment in Delaware.

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