27 Times Hollywood Bungled Costumes On Set

We love costumes in movies, they set the scene, and they can bring an alternate reality to life on the silver screen. They give us an opportunity to let go of reality, and for a few hours be transported to ancient Rome, outer Space, or into the depths of our horrors.

Costumes are complicated and the more complicated they are, the more mistakes can happen. When that happens, we have an opportunity to remember people who make movies are human, too and capable of blunders. Here we have 27 times that Hollywood bungled costumes and the audience may not have noticed!

What's Wrong With the Kilts in Braveheart?

Well, nothing on the surface, but what a lot of people don't know is that kilts weren't worn in Scotland until the 16th century…  William Wallace lived in the 1300's.


The Costume Hustle in American Hustle

Sometimes it's the little things that get missed, like the 2010 Rolex that was worn in the movie American Hustle, set decades prior to that date in the 1970's.

American Hustle

Captain America: The First… Headset?

For a movie set in World War II they sure have some sweet tech, like the headset worn by Jim Morita that wasn't produced until 2000.

Circa 2000

Django Unchained has a future so bright he has to wear shades.

Which is absolutely a cool piece of attire, unfortunately, sunglasses weren't widely available until 1929, and even then were only worn as medical devices.  Django was a time-traveler maybe?

Django Unchained (2012) Blu-ray Screenshot

Dirty Dancing has some incredibly hot boy shorts on baby.

Unfortunately, they didn't corner the market until the 1980's, and the movie is set in the 1960's.  Stylish, but not for that era.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner

The Wedding Singer has us singing the blues with it's 90's haircuts

Of course, the movie was set in the 1980's, making Drew Barrymore's hairstyle about a decade out of place.

Wedding Singer

My Girl had us all in tears, especially with its sentimental mood ring.

The Mood Ring wasn't invented until 1975, making the appearance of that mood ring about three years too early for its 1972 setting.

My Girl

Captain America: The First… Lot's of things.

In this case, it's another hairstyle blunder, Peggy Carter's hairstyle was far too long for the WWII regulation for female haircuts.

Peggy Carter

We're going to tattle on The Informant!

All of the golf shoes worn in this film were Nike's, which would be fine if Nike had golf shoes in the early 1990's.  They weren't produced until 1996.

The Informant!

The Doors changed the world of music and apparently stylish eyewear.

Val Kilmer sports Ray-Bans that first came on the scene in the 1980's.  Jim Morrison, the musician he portrayed, died in 1971, and the film was set in the 1960's.  You can see the problem, even through shades.

The Doors

We normally wouldn't dare to take on a Gladiator, but we have to point out his shorts.

You see, Russell Crowe was wearing Lycra shorts in this film under his armor, which were plainly visible.  Do we really need to point out there was no Lycra in ancient Rome?

11_Gladiator 1

We love Indiana Jones, but Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade had something strange with the Nazi medals.

For instance, the movie was set in 1938, and World War II had yet to begin, let alone the Nazi party.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The Pirates of the Caribbean stole a lot of things, as pirates do.

But apparently the Royal Navy is better pirates than Jack Sparrow, stealing their uniforms from 1747, impressive for a movie set sometime between 1714 and 1727, as is evident by the King of England being George I.

Not a Soldier

You know who the real enemy is in Public Enemies?

The guy who decided that Judge Murray should wear a modern judge's robe in a time period when they should have been made from wool or canvas.

Judge Murray

We all love Saving Private Ryan, but no one could save him from one blunder.

That blunder being that while all the Army boots in the movie are black, the movie was set before they were issued in 1950.  Oops!

Saving Private Ryan

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves may have cast Robin Hood as the royal thief.

But that ignores the fact that Azeem is obviously the better thief, having stolen the telescope from a time nearly 400 years later.  The movie is set in 1194, long before the telescope was invented in the early 17th century.


We know the summers can be warm in Troy, but that beach umbrella?

It wasn't introduced until 5th century BCE, 800 years later than the time the movie is set.  Those Greeks were really innovative, weren't they?


We have a hair to pick with Schindler's List

Specifically, the ones that all the women in the concentration camps had shaved legs and armpits… A little odd considering this wasn't the fashion in 1940's Europe, and where'd they get the razors?

Schindler's List

Maybe they were hinting at Aliens long before Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls?

You see, in Raider's of the Lost Ark, there's a scene where you can see a background character clothes decidedly wrong for a movie set in the 1930's.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Sometimes we see a member of the wrong crew in Pirates of the Caribbean

In one shot we can see one of the film crews members among the pirate crew, he obviously doesn't belong there in his modern cowboy hat and glasses.

20_maxresdefault (1)
Pirates of the Carribean

We don't mean to exhibit any Pride and Prejudice, but we have to point out something

In 2005 there was a striking rendition of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, a book set in 1790.  The book was published in 1815. This may sound minor, but the Wellington boots shown in the movie weren't made popular until the Duke of Wellington wore them in the later date.

Pride and Prejudice

Almost Famous is an incredible film, but it does have one minor plot hole.

There’s a cast member wearing a Black Sabbath shirt from 1997… The film was set in the ‘70’s.

Almost Famous

Legends of the Fall was one of Brad Pitt’s best films, but it had a hairy situation

Specifically, that Brad Pitt was wearing a hair and hairstyle that was clearly 1990’s… In a film set in the 1910’s.

Legends of the Fall, 1994

We don’t want to rain on their parade, but Singin’ In The Rain has a continuity issue

That issue being that the movie was produced in the 1950’s, but the time period it’s set in is the 1920’s.  Which makes us wonder how Cathy got her hands on that tulle skirt from the 1950’s?

Good Morning

Picnic At Hanging Rock isn’t a film a lot of people know, that didn’t stop us from noticing…

That once again all the hairstyles the girls are wearing are seriously anachronistic, being a fashion from the 1970’s.  Long hair parted in the middle was very much of the 70’s, but in 1900 their hair would’ve been worn up.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Zulu casts light on a little known fact about military hairstyles

Specifically that almost all the soldiers were clean shaven, which wasn’t something common for soldiers until much later than the film’s 1879 setting.  Mustache's were all the rage.


While we’d be careful what we said to The Untouchables, we do have one comment.

For a movie set during the prohibition, the lapels on their suits were incredibly narrow.  In the 1930’s suit lapels were much broader, a style which held on until much later, almost the 90’s.

The Untouchables
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