Which Stranger Things Character Are You?


It's unfortunate to hear that Stranger Things is coming to an end. According to the show's showrunners, season 4 will arrive in two parts, the second of which will wrap up the story for good. In all fairness, that's probably a good thing. Despite the series' beloved status, no one wants it to go the way of those shows that string out every possible plot-line just to make an extra buck. To commemorate our love for the show, we've made this awesome quiz for you, our fellow Stranger Things aficionado. If you love Stranger Things as much as we do, we're willing to bet you've got your favorite characters, too. Which character do you identify with most? Take this quiz and find out which Stranger Things character you would be most likely to play when Disney inevitably buys the show and makes a PG13 reboot. Are you powerful and tempestuous, like Eleven? Or maybe you're more reserved and thoughtful, like Will? When you get your results, why not share this quiz with your friends and family? If they ever bring out a Stranger Things D&D, you could have your team at the ready.

Did you know?

Why Did the Duffer Brothers Get Sued?

According to the Duffer Brothers, the idea for Stranger Things came after they saw the movie Prisoners, in which a father struggles to deal with the disappearance of his daughter. They wanted to create a series, made in eight parts, that would explore those feelings in greater detail. The original pitch they created was called Montauk. That backstory to the project was contested by another writer, named Charlie Kessler. In 2012, years before the Duffer Brothers pitched their project, Kessler released a short film, also entitled Montauk. Kessler's film was about a boy who goes missing near a military base involved in otherworldly experiments. What a coincidence! As it happens, at the Tribeca film festival in 2014—two years before the release of Stranger Things—Kessler pitched this short film to the Duffer Brothers as a feature concept. Kessler sued the Duffer Brothers and requested one-third of the income they made from the series. However, he dropped the suit in 2019 after seeing deposition documents dating back to 2010, proving the Duffer Brothers came up with the idea independently. You see, Montauk already has many urban legends, thanks to a 1992 book.

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