Think You Know the Serial Killer Dexter Morgan?

Dexter Morgan first appeared as the main protagonist in the novel "Darkly Dreaming Dexter," leading a double life, working as a blood splatter analyst by day and a serial killer for murderers by night. So the question is, how much of his secrets do you know?

Can you get into his head and tell us the names of his victims without batting an eyelash? Or are you like most of the Miami Metro Police Department who knows nothing of his murderous urge? If you'd like to find out how well you know Dexter Morgan, take this quiz. We promise you; there’s more to your favorite serial killer than meets the eye.

Did you know?

The show might have influenced real crimes!

For all the show's morbid themes and characters, the most gruesome might be the actual crimes committed by murderers who purportedly were inspired by the show.

In November 2009, a teenager named Andrew Conley strangled his younger brother because, in his word, “He felt just like Dexter.” After killing his brother, he even placed a plastic bag over his head, in true Dexter fashion, during one of his rituals.

In another case, Mark Twitchell of Edmonton Alberta, was found guilty of the murder of Johnny Altinger on April 12, 2011. He was an aspiring filmmaker who takes on the Dexter persona on his Facebook account. After evidence and testimonies were presented in court, details of how he lured strangers on the internet in the guise of making a Dexter-inspire movie.

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