1960’s Movie Quiz – Name Each Movie Using The Picture Provided


The 1960s is an iconic decade. The 60s gave us the controversial Vietnam war and the protests and hippie culture that came in reaction to it. The Beatles released their first single and launched Beatlemania. The young democrat John F. Kennedy won the Presidential election and then was assassinated. The 60s also gave us the first landing on the moon, the Civil Right’s movement, Woodstock, and the start of classic TV series that we still watch like Doctor Who and Sesame Street. And amongst all of that, Hollywood created some of the most memorable films during this decade too. How well have you paid attention to the classic movie channel? Take this quiz and see and see if you can identify these 50 movies from the 60s!

Did you know?

The Graduate

The Graduate is one of the most groundbreaking films of the 1960s decade. Dustin Hoffman starred in this movie and actually had to drop out of The Producers to be in The Graduate. Even Hoffman did not think he was right for the role, as he thought Robert Redford was a better fit. However, he took the job! The famous song "Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson" is of course from this film, as the older woman pursuing Hoffman's character is named Mrs. Robinson. In real life, their relationship is much less creepy, because even though their characters are a few decades apart in age, the actors were only six years apart. This film grossed a whopping $104.9 million.


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