From Genesis to Revelation: How Familiar are You with the Bible?


So you were raised Baptist, Catholic, or any other Christian religion? Or you yourself are a new Christian who wants to find out as much info you can about the word of God. Or maybe, you’re an atheist who makes it a point to know all you can. It doesn’t matter why you’re here. What matters is that you want to test your Biblical knowledge and find out how much you really know. So let’s see how you do with a bunch of random Biblical questions.

But beware, we won’t be asking you where Jesus was born as that would be far too easy. He was born in Bethlehem for those who are currently lost or weren’t paying attention. Unless, you’re already a pro, a pastor, an entrepreneur seeking endless knowledge. Even then, this will test you. So good luck!

Did you know?

The Bible is the Best-Selling Book of All Time

Though the Harry Potter books aren’t too far behind, the bay far, best-selling book ever is The Holy Bible. Originally written in Hebrew, it has been translated into thousands of languages, and hundreds of versions. Some are to make it easier for younger people to understand and some to make it more accurate.

Estimates say, in total, about 50 Bibles are sold every minute. That’s 3000 Bibles every hour. The number has gone up and down, as there have become more people in the world, but there have become more atheists as well. So it does fluctuate. Then we have churches and Gideons who buy in bulk. Ironically, it is also the most shoplifted book, but I can’t imagine one Christian prosecuting or pressing charges against someone who wants to steal a Bible. Give it to him, for Christ’s literal sake. Almost everyone in the entire world has touched a Bible before, which is the only book, nearly the only object this could be said for. Which is also ironic as there are more people against this book than any other book in the world. But it doesn’t mean the people against it aren’t buying it as well. Know your enemy.

Though most Protestants recognize the same Bible, the Catholics, Greek Orthodox, and Ethiopian Orthodox churches recognize different Bibles. As do the Jews. But all of those together, and there’s a lot to study, though most religions will only spend time studying their own Bible. It may seem like a lot of people have read the Bible, but over 4000 languages are waiting for a copy.

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