Reveal the Mystery: Learn if You're Right-Brained or Left-Brained through This Quiz


Your brain has two hemispheres that control separate processes and personality traits. If you are an analytical and methodical thinker, then it is likely that your left brain hemisphere is dominant. People with dominant left hemispheres are usually fact- and detail-orientated. Does that sound like you? If it doesn't, perhaps you are right-brained. Those with dominant right hemispheres are usually more creative, artistic, and free-thinking. Right-brained people also tend to look at the bigger picture and listen to their intuition more. If you're reading this and thinking you can identify with both right-brained and left-brained characteristics, maybe you fall somewhere in the middle. Some people find that they have an equal balance of all of these traits, which might mean the right and left sides of their brain share in the heavy lifting. Take this quiz to discover which side of your brain you really use the most. You might be surprised! Then, send this quiz to your friends and family and find out who thinks like you!

Did you know?

How Much Does The Human Brain Weigh?

The brain might seem like a relatively small part of the body, but in adults, it weighs around 3.3 pounds! For the average person, that means the brain takes up approximately two percent of your total body weight, which is quite a lot when you think about it. The majority of that is water — about 1300 milliliters worth. The rest is protein, fat, sugar, and salt. To put this weight into perspective, a regular bag of sugar weighs around 2.2 pounds, your heart weighs just 0.75 pounds, and both your lungs put together weigh only 2.9 pounds. It's a wonder we humans can keep our heads upright! However, your brain hasn't always been so heavy. Newborn brains weigh just 0.8 pounds, the same as half a liter of milk, but by the time that baby is a teenager, their brain will have reached its full size and weight!

How to Play?

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