Would You Pass Your Driver's Test in the UK?

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In this day and age, it seems a new driver gets their license every second. The thrill and excitement of earned freedom is pure bliss. The road, the wind, and most importantly — the car! The road trips with friends, the grocery runs for snacks, and the quick getaways with a significant other. It’s no lie that driving can bring a whole flurry of fun and evoke a feeling of independence like no other. Most drivers hold such a skill in high regard. After all, many new drivers put in so much training and studying just to receive their license in the first place. Some drivers have been driving for a while and have gained confidence in their skills. Some claim to be bonafide racecar drivers! But, perhaps the rules of the road have changed? With this UK Driving Test quiz, we’ll see if your driving skills and knowledge are up to par. The results may surprise you!

Did you know?

Licensed Cars and Drivers in the UK

According to the RAC Report on Motoring, there are an estimated 63 million combined vehicles and drivers in the United Kingdom. In 1989, there were around 24 million licensed vehicles on the road. By 2012, that number had skyrocketed to 35 million, but factors like improved transit and environmental awareness seem to have nudged this number down, to around 28 million today. As for licensed drivers, there are currently 35 million in the UK, 19 million male and 16 million female. This number is up from 31 million in 2000 and marks 27 percent growth, despite the decline of licensed vehicles.


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