Which Golden Girls Character Are You?

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Golden Girls was an immensely popular sitcom that premiered in 1985 and spanned seven seasons. Created by Sue Harris, the show achieved critical acclaim and won several Emmy Awards for its talented cast. Golden Girls starred Bea Arthur as Dorothy, Rue McClanahan as Blanche, Betty White as Rose, and Estelle Getty as Sophia. Various supporting characters rounded out the cast to create this memorable sitcom. Golden Girls is set in Miami and revolves around four women who share a house in the city. The women are, of course, in their “golden years,” but have oh-so-much life to live and share. Often dubbed one of the best-written sitcoms of all time, Golden Girls reruns remain popular with the young and “golden” alike. Which Golden Girl do you think best represents you? Take our fun quiz to find out!

Did you know?

Did you know that Sophia was first written as a minor character?

Everyone loves Sophia Petrillo, the Golden Girl played by Estelle Getty. Originally, Sophia was going to be a minor character in the show who would appear on episodes from time to time. However, when audiences watched the pilot episode, they overwhelmingly responded to Sophia. They loved her feisty personality and wise but sarcastic quips. So, the show's writers decided to transform her character into a mainstay and make her one of the four Golden Girls. Sophia is Dorothy's mother. In the pilot episode, it's Sophia who places an ad for roommates on a grocery store bulletin board after her nursing home burns down. Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy join her, and the rest is show-biz history.


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