What’s Your Spirit Animal?

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Everyone's talking about spirit animals these days. A belief rooted in many indigenous cultures is now an internet phenomenon that's caught the attention of celebrities like Oprah. So, what's your spirit animal? Have you ever thought about it? Are you driven by passion? Security? What creature represents your inner personality? Maybe you're swift and clever like a rabbit. Do you spend most of your time chilling like a sloth? Or are you something fierce, something with lots of teeth? While everyone is unique, we all have similarities that place us in certain personality types. Knowing your spirit animal can help you spot weaknesses in yourself you might be unaware of. Your spirit animal can serve as a source of inspiration. It can remind you to be playful, or courageous, even if that's not in your automatic nature. At the very least, it'll help you decide your next tattoo. Are you an introvert? A Scorpio? How does that relate to your spirit animal? Take this quiz to find out who your inner beast is. Once you know your spirit animal, challenge a friend to this quiz and see if their inside matches who they appear to be on the outside.
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