What Rank Would You Have Achieved in WWII?

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Do you know where you would rank in military service based on your knowledge of WWII and your own personal characteristics? Would you rather be in the trenches with your team or leading the line of battleships from the captain’s cabin? Who are your military heroes? Do you know how to flank an enemy on the ground? Are you brave enough to fly into enemy territory on a daring rescue mission? Take our quiz to see what military rank you might achieve. You may gravitate to the land, the sea, or the air. You might know more about strategic military planning than the average recruit. We’ve created a quiz that will test your knowledge of military matters in general, as well as those specific to our listed ranks and the roles they played in WWII. Test your knowledge to find your rank.


Did you know?

Do you know that 64 million people died during WWII?

WWII engulfed much of the world. More than 64 million people died as a result of this war, a number that represents more than the entire population of the United Kingdom. The countries that suffered the most combined military and civilian casualties were the Soviet Union, Germany, Austria, The Philippines, China, Japan, Poland, and French Indochina. The Soviet Union lost two million during a single battle—the Battle of Stalingrad. In China, 80% of the people who died, mainly at the hands of the Japanese, were civilians. Both Germany and Japan, as the losers of this infamous war, suffered heavy losses—particularly Japan, which was attacked by the first atomic bombs in the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.


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