What Kind of Teacher Would You Be?

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Do you remember what it's like to be a student? Maybe it was a world away, or not that long ago, but we've all been students at some point. Remember your favorite teacher? Or the one who just never seemed to like you? Teachers are a fact of life. They follow us from our ABCs into adulthood. They give us strong foundations in education and inspire us to achieve our goals. Maybe you've been blessed with some amazing teachers in your life, or maybe you got saddled with some who were less than perfect. It takes a special person to be a great teacher. The question, here, is what kind of teacher would you be? Are you the cool teacher everyone hopes they get? The mean teacher who seems to hate their job? What do you think your students would say about you? Do you have an idea of what kind of teacher you would be? Take this quiz to discover your teacher archetype. Compare your results with your friends -- you might be surprised by what you learn!
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