What Kind of Kisser Are You?

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Kissing is at once intimate and intimidating. From the butterflies in your stomach right before the first kiss to the romantic lip lock on your wedding day, kissing is a special way to show you care. Your first kiss and special ones throughout your life are memories that most people treasure and look back on fondly. Unfortunately, other memorable kisses aren'tĀ held in quite such high regard. These are the ones you laugh about over a bottle of wine on nights out with friends and cringe when remembering. A bad kiss, whether it's an awkward spin the bottle game or just a clueless partner, can torpedo a fledgling relationship. If you'd rather be remembered for mind-blowing kisses than excess drool, you might want to examine just what kind of kisser you are. Take our quiz, and see if you're a luscious lip-locker or a sorry smoocher.
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