What Do You Really Know About Pet Food?

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Cats! Dogs! Even hamsters or rabbits. It's likely that you own at least a bird if you're visiting this quiz. You want what's best for your pet and believe that you know what is best. I hope you're willing to learn because not many can ace this quiz with flying colors. Not many...however, you may be able to. If you know about the recall of 2007, you may be ready. If you know what ingredient is good for kidney disease, you may be ready. And if you know what to do for excess shedding, well, then you're on the wrong quiz pal. Testing your knowledge when it comes to loved ones is never a bad thing. So make sure and learn something rather than simply skimming through questions. It's for the best interest of your fuzzy little darling. For that reason, you shouldn't be afraid to be wrong! It's fun to learn! Especially about pets! Here, you will see if you have what it takes to feed your rabbit, horse, cat, dog, and bird! Sure, you can throw a bowl in front of them, but do you know the ins and outs of the types of food that they need and the types that will harm them? You're about to find out!
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