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How much do you know about owls? Did you know there more than 200 species of owl living and hunting and captivating humans all across the globe? These beautiful creatures have been winging around the world for millions of years, and as such, humans have connected lots of different meanings behind them. Owls have been thought to represent both victory and death, and the ability to see beyond masks. But not every fact about owls is uplifting: some owls eat other owl species, and they regurgitate the bones and other bits of their prey they don’t digest — ew! Take our owl quiz to find out how much you really know about these majestic (or creepy, depending on your perspective) birds.

Did you know?

Owls have asymmetrical ears.

An owls’ ears sit at different points on either side of her head, with one opening slightly higher than the other. This positioning, which would look pretty strange on a human (but owls don’t have external ears), helps the owl better locate her prey in the dark. The owl hears sounds at two slightly different times, and she can use that millisecond difference to pinpoint on which side of her the prey is hiding!


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